Lieutenant Robert Maynard was the commander of the sloop The Jane which was boarded by the notorious pirate Blackbeard Teach.

There are many accounts of the encounter, but there is agreement that Maynard and Teach engaged in a swordfight, but another of the crew was responsible for Teach’s death. Teach was decapitated and his head adorned the bowsprit as the Jane sailed into harbour. During an illustrious Naval career he was promoted to Captain. The memorial plaque shown above adorns the wall of St. Martin’s church. It is included in the list of graveyard inscriptions on this website.

The inscription reads

“To the Memory of Capt. Robert MAYNARD a faithfull & experience’d Commander of the Royal Navy; who, after he had distinguish’d himself by many brave and gallant Actions in the Service of his King and Country retired to this Place where he died 1 Jan. 1750-51 aged 67.”

He died in Great Mongeham as is evidenced by an advertisement in the Kentish Post dated 27th September 1752 – “Great Mongeham To let small but neat house fit for a little family; situated with coach house and stable; lately occupied by Capt. Maynard deceased; rent no more than £8 p.a. Inquiries Paramour at Mongeham or Samuel Shepard, Faversham.” Since Samuel Shepherd lived at the Manor House until he departed for Faversham in1732 it is possible that Maynard lived at the Manor House. As I have found no record of who occupied the Manor House between the departure of Shepherd and the arrival of Admiral Bray later in the eighteenth century this must for the time beingremain conjecture.

Although he was buried in St. Martins, Great Mongeham, he was born in Dartford and christened in Holy Trinity Church, Dartford on the 11th November, 1683. Above is the entry in the register of that church.