Churches are a great source of information for both local and family historians. Fortunately those of St Martin’s Church have been recorded for us. 

In 1759 the Rev.Bryan Fausset noted down many of the inscriptions inside the church. These were added to by Zechariah Cozens in about 1795.

They were typed up for the Kent Archaeological Society by Pat Tritton.

More recently Sue Solley and Carol Greener have laboriously recorded all the gravestone and plaque inscriptions in the churchyard. They gave each an identifying code.

ADDISONElsie Evelyn53Aug 22, 1945Wife of John Addison B25
ALLENJohn25Sept 29, 1932At Rest. Also his wife C59
ALLENEmily75Nov 5, 1942  C6
ALLENRoy Peter Jan 24, 2000 Born Aug 27, 1947  E72
ALLENElizabeth    C51
ALLENStephen  Sept 7, 1850  C51
ALLENWilliam55Aug 25, 1796Late of this parish - also his wife C52
ALLENAnn67Feb 18, 1807  C52
ALLUMB. (Female)   Open GraveE52
ASHTONMajor Frank Peter Feb 23, 1992Devoted husband and fatherBorn Feb 28, 1917E61
BAILEYMary82July 16, 1882Wife of James - Epitaph C6
BARTTRUMMary5330/07/85  A06
BARWICKLucy Rose57Jan 4, 1950  B8
BARWICKAlfred George87Jan 17, 1977  B8
BARWICKStephen82Feb 13, 1886Also his wife B46
BASSJohn29May 19, 1918  C50
BASSEmily Maud75June 24, 1962  C50
BASSEmily 39March 24, 1889On Wall - also of her husband C37
BASSGeorge W.61Dec 4, 1914Epitaph C37
BASSJohn 72April 17, 1848On Wall - also his wife C38
BASSMary 69March 2, 1850  C38
BASSMary Elizabeth4yrs 8mSept 27, 1861On Wall - child of John & Mary C39
BASS 60Oct 24, 1883John  On Wall - also his wife C40
BASSMary Jane68July 8, 1895Epitaph C40
BASSJohn  Broken on Wall - illegible C44
BASSMary Court  Only daughter C44
BEANShadrach?Dec 2, 1818  C3
BINNSCharles Luther75Feb 6, 1941Also his wife C9
BINNSElizabeth Anne72June 12, 1939  C9
BIRCH John65July 26, 1725  B34
BIRCH Carolyn37Feb 24, 1999A dear wife and mother E74
BIRCHErnest Clarkson 02/03/51  D2
BIRCHAnnie Mary75June 8, 1961  D2
BIRCHPat July 9, 1961  D2
BIRDMary6312/03/64  D18
BIRDHenry6310/06/91  D19
BIRD Elizabeth80Sept 29, 1896Beloved wife of B13
BIRDJohn81Dec 27, 1897Late of Dover B13
BIRD John7131/01/64Also his wife D18
BIRDMary6312/03/64  D18
BIRDHenry6310/06/91  D19
BLOGGFowler Babington 1975Rector of this ParishBorn 1851D15
BOYS ???  18?Illegible C62
BRETTWilliam8620/03/47  D1
BROXHAMHarry68Oct 21, 1978Husband and Dad also his wife E46
BROXHAMNorah Betty84Jan 3, 1999Together Again E46
BRYNECharles Henry58April 8, 1971Epitaph E33
BUDDLEMary Jan 18, 1861Also her sisterBorn June 29, 1781C31
BUDDLEElizabeth83Aug 29, 1869Late of this parish C31
BURREdwin73July 16, 1976Also of his wife E39
BURRAmy Doris 87Jan 20, 1999Reunited E39
CADELLElizabeth 1989Author, mother of John & JanetBorn 1903E75
Vice Admiral John KBE August 13, 1998 Born Dec 6, 1929 E70
CAPPClara 1884  B17
CATHERICKWilliam Oct ?, 1954 Born October ?, 1900  Wooden CrossC15
CATHERICKJohn59Jan 15, 1994Devoted husband and father E63
CHAMBERSCharlotte36Jan 12, 1810  B1
CHAMBERSEdward71March 3, 1825Surgeon of Deal B1
CHAMBERSEmily Allen March 29, 1905On Wall - memory of my cousinBorn April 16, 1849C41
CHARLESEdmund James 26 Dec 2, 1890Only son of James & Louisa C58
CHARLES Edmund6507/01/80Also his wife D28
CHARLESMary Anne7927/11/94  D28
Louisa3228/10/67at Folkestone Wife of Charles James Charles D33
Charles James72Sept 27 1889  D33
Edward Edmund 31 July 18 ?  D34
Catharina5805/10/53Wife of the late Thomas Charles of Merton, Surrey, youngest daughter of Edmund James ofHam Common.
 Also of
CHARLESConstance Louisa7 mths12/08/63  D32
CHIDWICKJohn87Nov 22, 1832Died at Whitfield, Dover also of C55
CHIDWICKElizabeth661811Also of C55
CHIDWICKCatherine 1820  C55
COPPENSarah75Dec 5, 1908  B30
COPPENSarah36Nov 9, 1833Wife of John Coppen B36
CROSSHerbert64June 8, 1975Also of his wife E40
CROSS Sarah Barton80June 3, 1989Reunited E40
CULMERJohn44August 28, 1671Pilot also his wife B5
CULMERJoane  and their 4 daughters B5
CULMERElizabeth    B5
CULMERMargaret    B5
CULMERMary    B5
CULMERJohanna    B5
DENNISAnnie  Beloved Mother B31
DODDSJenni  illegible A17
DODDSPhillip Edward William  Illegible A17
DRAYAnn68March 19, 1872Also of her sister C46
DRAYMary77May 12, 1885 (Iron railing round tomb)C46
DRANEFrederickLouis8115/12/53Also of a dear mother D3
DRANESarah8225/01/54Abide with me D3
DUCKETTBenjamin Spencer April 20, 1975Our son forever in our heartsBorn Sept 14, 1974E38A
ELLENDERRichard March 22, 1957? On Church WallB37
EANSJohn27Aug 12, 1948 Wooden CrossB21
FARRIERThomas William60March 8, 1916Also his beloved wife C1
FARRIERAnn May67May 3, 1925At Rest
FEATHERSTONE Bertram68April 28, 1967Dear husband and father E29
Sarah87Dec 18, 1886Also her husband and many brothers and sisters C19
FITALLGeorge.    C19
FOWLERHenry73Nov 1, 1962Also his wife and our dear Mum E11
FOWLERFlorrie87Feb 17, 1982Reunited E11
FOWLERM   No GravestoneE44
FOXCharles80Oct 5, 1951Dearly loved husband & father Until we meet again. Also wife C13
FOXJulia Annie94Jan 7, 1972  C13
FRANKSA.J.H. March 13, 1971Also ofOct 16, 1887E32
FRANKSP.A. Aug 27, 1987ReunitedBorn Nov 30, 1898E32
FRENCHLouisa Minnie 1992The Lord is my ShepherdBorn 1905E49
GRAHAMH ?    E48
GRAY?   No GravestoneE5
HACKETT Kevin Schwantz 2 3 days    E6
HACKETT-WILKINS Thomas James79Nov 15, 1929Colonel Indian Medical Servicce B26
HACKETT-WILKINS Alicia Caroline Evelyn83Jan 6, 1936Beloved wife of the above B26
HAMBROOKElgar John 1972Beloved parents of Peter, Bruce and RosemaryBorn 1905E71
HAMBROOKFlorenceMay 2000 Born 1912E71
HARRIS Charles80May 5, 1965In memory of Mum and Dad E19
HARRISAnnie Louise80Dec 23, 1965  E19
William18Nov ?, 1857 (37?)  B41
HARRISONSarah March 23, 1856Wife ofDec 7, 1803B43
Thomas Stanley September 187? June 24, 1799B43
HARRISONWilliam31July 20, 1864  B44
HARRISONGeorge 27March 23, 1864  B44
HARRISONElizabeth89July 17, 1896Also her daughter B40
HARRISONEmma67Sept 26, 1896Until the day break B40
HARRISONJohn Branfill M.A. 28/07/93Rector of this ParishBorn June 22 1823A01
HARRISONSarah18?Oct 19, 1800Wife of John of Deal also C28
HARRISONJohn70Dec 30, 1820Boatbuilder of Deal - Epitaph C28
HARVEYWilliam69Aug 4, 1963Husband and Father & his wife E13
HARVEYRose Ellen81Feb 12, 1981At Rest E13
HAYWARDHelen(Nellie) Louise84Oct 31, 1997Dear Mum and Nan E59
HEARN Sarah65Sept 1, 1870Forever with the Lord also C63
HEARNHenry67Jan 8, 1872Husband of the above C63
HEDELIUSPat23June 21, 1937 Under Yew TreeB28
HEWETSONJohn65Oct 10, 1925Indian Civil Service B27
HEWETSONEvelyn Marian Muriel77Feb 1, 1954Beloved wife of the above B27
HICKMANLouisa80August 24, 1935  C11
Mary Anne28Aug 22, 1851Wife of Frank Hight and of  Frank Sanford C30
HILLWalter69Feb 8, 1962And of his wife E9
HILLAgnes91Jan 14, 1986  E9
HILLSamuel79March 2, 1966Also of E22
HILLLilian91May 27, 1977At Rest E22
HILLS Montague William84May 29, 1981Also of his wife E53
HILLSGladys Irene78Feb 28, 1983  E53
HOBBSBlanche & Frederic k    C16
HODKINSONWilliam Arthur JP Aug 6, 1982R.I.PBorn Jan 30, 1916E54
HOLMANSClive Stephen34April 4, 1991Loves last gift remembrance E60
HOPPER Francis4814/12/73Also his widow D20
HOPPERElizabeth 1908 ?  D20
HORTON Frank Lieut.Com.RN5722/02/34  D6
HORTONEmma Mary9113/01/68  D6
HOWLANDLaurence61March 18, 1903Also his wife C25
HOWLANDElizabeth9023/06/33Also of 2 Sons C25
HOWLANDBenjamin & Edward  At Rest C25
HOWLANDBenjamin J.40October, 1905  E77
HUNTGeorge7817/02/26Also his wife A02
HUNT Elizabeth9107/02/33  A02
HUNT ?  No GravestoneE27
HUNTIvy and Cecil   1884E41
JEFFREYWilliam Henry 1974  E38B
JEFFREY Inez Lily 1973Together in Peace and Joy1887E38B
JENNINGSLeonard and Dorothy Dec 21, 1989Memory of Mum and Dad E50
JOHNSONGeorge Edward77Nov 18, 1964Dear Husband and Father E18
KNIGHTGeorge Dec 23, 1918 Born July 25, 1871C2
KENNETT?   No GravestoneE20
KEMPRoger Kenneth54Sept 12, 1999Loving Father and Grandfather E73
LANGTRY CLAYSONGeorge and Esther  Our parents- At Rest B39
LAWRENCEP(M & F)  No Gravestone E57
LAWRENCEMinnie Frances65Aug 17, 1951Also of her husband C23
LAWRENCEPercy76March 15, 1962  C23
LAWRENCEThomas Uden57March 6, 1925Also of C57
LAWRENCEClara Louisa Oct 3, 1944  C57
LINGJ.H. and G. (M & F)  No Gravestone E16
LUCKElizabeth Jane90March 22, 1963Dear Mother and Father E3
LUCKCaleb Owen87June 18, 1959  E3
MANSERStephen76Oct 3, 1844of Ashley Farm, Northbourne C54
MANSERMary and Elizabeth  Two daughters of the above C54
Elizabeth74July 3, 1853Wife of Stephen & daughter of William and Mary Paramor also C54
MANSERMargaret Wilding57 Nov 29, 1866 C54
MANSERMartha PenelopeJan78Jan 17?of Wellington Rd.Deal widow of Robert formerly of Style Farm, Ealing, Middx & Ripple Farm C10
MANSERSusanna62June 271906daughter of Robert Manser C10
MANSERStephen70March 29, 1926son of Robert Manser, formerly of Deal C10
MARSHJoseph J.70March 3, 1936At Rest C47
MARSHAnnie L.75Sept 10, 1945Reunited C47
MARSHJanie 01/11/28Devoted her life to mother sister and brothers - alsoBorn July 8 1851 D8
MARSHFrancis 1931At ZurichBorn 1852D8
MARTIN  LawrenceMichael60Feb 9, 1964Also of E17
MARTINWinifred Mary53May 17, 1965  E17
MARTINCharles   No GravestoneE1
MATHERJames66Nov 14, 1954Dear husband and father - Also C18
MATHERAliceMaude87Nov 10, 1975His wife - At Rest C18
MATHERSidney 1985Also ofBorn 1916E58
MATHERBertram 1988 Born 1924E58
MAYD. and F. (M & F)   No GravestoneE6
MAYSusanna Catherine86June 27, 1936  Beloved wife of B29
MAYHawtrey James89August 12, 1942  B29
MAYNARD  Capt. Robert,Com. RN6701/01/50 Epitaph on Church WallD14
MERCERCharlotte Eliza May  On Wall - Widow of Rear  Admiral Samuel Mercer C42
MIDDLETON  Phyllis 1999 Born 1906E68
MOATF. J. (Male)   No GravestoneE2
MORGANDavid Jan 12, 177?Also of his wife ? B4
MORGANTaliesin55Oct 21, 1952  C14
MUMBRAYSarah Ann   Deeply buried TombstoneA16
MURRAYJohn Sept 1703 ?Illegible A14
NEWINGFrederick65May 7, 1935Also his beloved wife A04
NEWINGAlice Edith6302/12/36  A04
NEWINGErnest George 20/10/86 Born March 14 1904A04
NEWINGHenry7028/04/14Also of his wife A15
NEWINGSarah Ann7609/04/20  A15
NEWINGGrace6724/02/61Also of her husband A19
NEWINGRichard6907/03/51  A19
NEWINGSarah Ann3117/01/79  D27
NOAKESFrederickGeorge6220/02/54Late of Deal Also his wife D29
NOAKESElizabeth72Sept 2 1868Also their daughter D29
NOAKESJane1825/04/48Also daughter of the above D29
NOAKESMary7919/11/05  D29
NOAKESJohn76   B12
NOAKESElizabeth Sept 5, 1833
Wife & relict of Joseph Noakes
late of Upper Deal
NOAKES? 01/11/86Illegible B15
NOAKESElizabeth71Jan 6, 1832Also of her husband C60
NOAKESWilliam87Aug 29, 1851  C60
NOAKESGeorge 1825 Family Vault -C61
O'NEILL-AVERYFee April 29, 1930Wife of Ernest - epitaph C8
OVENDENHenry John88Feb 18, 2000Wonderful husband and father E56B
PARAMORMary Ann6yrs 2mths27/07/56Daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth Ann
PARAMORElizabethAnn7519/05/85Also her husband D22
PARAMORJoseph7816/11/90Also younger daughter D22
PARAMORElizabeth8126/12/33  D22
PARAMORJoseph62Dec 21, 18?Leaving a wife and 6 children, & C24
PARAMORElizabeth Ann25Oct 18, 1836daughter of Joseph and Ann C24
PARAMORAnn90Feb 7, 1877Wife of Joseph - Epitaph C24
PARAMORWill 01/06/91Of this Parish. Children illegible C4
PARAMORMary67Nov 27, 1824Respected by neighbours and
friends. Also her son
PARAMORWilliam18April 18, 1829  C5
PARKERJohn18August 29, 1738  B42
PARKEREdward56July 9, 1815Left surviving Sarah his wife, Son Edward, daughters Mary and Sarah. Also his wife B35
PARKERSarah62March 9, 1822  B35
PARKERMary Ann28Nov 9, 1833Wife of B6
PARKEREdward86Aug 30, 1876  B6
PARKERMary Sarah47Dec 3, 1879  B7
PARKERCatharine70Dec 17, 1881Widow of late Edward Parker B7
PARKERDorothy 13 March 8 ?Daughter of Edward B10
PARKEREdward John70April 5, 1900Also his wife B11
PARKERDorothy80July 2, 1912  B11
PARSONSEmily8015/03/30 Loving and Loved friend
and nurse of Mrs.F.R.Wickham
PENNYEmma7614/03/86Wife of Edward Penny M.A D10
PENNYEdward6124/11/69In the faith of the cross D11
PENNYRebecca 22/11/74 Born Nov 2 1800D12
POOLEYRon 1993 Born 1925E56A
POWELLAlbert  Father B31
POWELLH.  Flower Grave no headstone E7
PREBBLEWilliam66May 8, 1819Also his widow B22
PREBBLEMary89Feb 8, 18? IllegibleB22
PHILPOTTJane71June 19, 1885Also of C21
PHILPOTTStephen Hubbard85May 22, 1896  C21
PHILLIPSPercy Feb 8, 1973Also of his wifeNov 13, 1888E34
PHILLIPSNellie Rebecca Jan 30, 1978My faith it is an oaken staffBorn June 15, 1889E34
PHILLIPSPercy March 6, 1979Also ofBorn April 22, 1915E47
PHILLIPSIvy Doris(nee Jeffries) March 19, 1991EpitaphBorn Jan 3, 1912E47
RADCLIFFEWilliam May 10, 1938Epitaph - Also of his wifeAug 12, 1856C17
RADCLIFFEAnna Kate Jan 3, 1942  C17
RALPHSarah7028/10/87Also her sister D17
RALPHElizabeth8730/04/60  D17
RAMMELLEmily 16/01/48  D4
RAMMELLChristopher7022/11/60Also his son D4
RAMMELLJohn Christopher61Sept 13, 1994Also Christopher's wife D4
RAMMELLMary Penelope9230/01/96Mother of John D4
RAMMELLWalter Harry M.A75 Rector 1916-1926 Also their son D5
RAMMELLJohn Harry6805/11/55Also his wife D5
RAMMELLNora April 291960  D5
RATCLIFFJohn21March 16, 1800Son of Thomas and Mary C48
RATCLIFFMary68Nov 28, 1805 Mother of JohnC48
RATCLIFFJames78Feb 9, 1852 Boatbuilder of Dea lC49
RATLIFFAlfred Frank49July 17, 1923 On Church Wall. R.I.PB38
RHUBOTHAMM.A. (Female)   No GravestoneE8
RIGDENFrederick6?Jan 15. 19?  C22
RIGDENMary Ann59July 26, 1881Epitaph - also her husband C33
RIGDENJohn July 27, 1855Clerk of this parish - EpitaphBorn Dec 29, 1787C34
RIGDENFrances62Nov 7, 1828Wife of William also their son C35
Charles 01/08/29Died at Francoville?, the East
Indies. On Wall
ROBERTS    ? No GravestoneE36
RUSDELLInez Editha 74 July 1, 1986 Nee Jeffrey, Mother to Jill and
SCOTTGoulder68March 19, 1944Also his wife B32
SCOTTSarah Ann71May 6, 1989R.I.P B32
SCOTTWilliam John69May 20, 1919Stone erected by Miss Quested in remembrance of 47 yrs.service in her family.Also wife B33
SCOTTAnne78March 8, 1926Until the day break and the shadows flee away B33
SHAWH  . No Gravestone E64
SHAWEllen Margaret May 8, 1999EpitaphBorn Oct 4, 1979E69
SHORTERThomas Feb 22, 2000Bench donated by Meadowside Staff in memory of T. ShorterBorn Feb 22, 1931E65
Thomas Malcolm Feb 22, 2000Dearly loved husband, Dad and
Grampa - Epitaph
Born Feb 22, 1931E67
SLADEFrank70March 29, 1970My dear parents E30
SLADERose66Aug 26, 1970Gone but never forgotten E30
SMITHWilliam7517/05/55  C20
SMITHEmily Louisa8021/02/73  C20
SMITHMary Ann  R.I.P E23
SMYTHEleanor Caroline 31/12/26Cremated Formerly Fellows 2nd daughter of Sir Rowland Hill07/03/31A08
SPAINGeorge6505/03/92  A07
SOLLEYLouisa Maria92Jan 4, 1939At Rest C56
TAYLORSarah47Aug 21, 1833Of the parish of St. Margaret's Rochester - wife of William C29
TAYLORWilliam65May 10, 1816Husband of Sarah C29
TAYLORWilliam80Dec 16, 1948  B20
THOMPSONCaroline Maria80Sept 14 1912Beloved wife of A05
THOMPSONMorris Bowles8121/02/16  A05
TILLEYWilliam5505/03/97  D24
TILLEYGeorge6103/12/68  D25
TILLEYHannah8115/04/86  D26
TURNERBenjamin7521/12/89Also of his wife A11
TURNERSarah9030/10/16  A11
TURNERAlbert Edward78June 20, 1977At rest E43
TUTTRachel Ann83Feb 28, 1932On Wall - At Rest - also of C43
TUTTLucy H81Jan 30, 1943  C43
WADELavinia March 15, 1974Formerly Ashton, mother of Pauline and PeterBorn Dec 16, 1894E37
WEBBERIvy67July 31, 1983Also of her husband E55
WEBBERAlbert68July 12, 1986Dear Mum and Dad E55
WELFAREW. (Female)   No GravestoneE12
WELLARDCharles Feb 2, ?Second son of George and Jane C45
WELLARDErnest Robert April 15, 1976 M.I. On Bench 
WELLSFrederickWilliam71July 19, 1930Also his wife C7
WELLSAda72Jan 30, 1933  C7
WHITEFlorenceRhoda April 1, 1969Our dear sister - EpitaphBorn Sept 6, 1900E26
WILKSEvelyn Maud Fearon 29/07/33  D7
WILKSJohn7120/10/38  D7
WILKSRichard 19/03/28Also his wifeBorn March 12 1865D13
WILKSEliza Ann7626/08/69  D13
WOODEdward81Sept 26, 1822Late of Deptford Shipwright C27
WOODElizabeth77March 16, 1830Wife of the above C27
WOODWilliam Jan 22, 1910Memory of my cousin.EpitaphBorn Feb 24, 1841C32
WOODHilda63Sept 9, 1963Wife of Franus J. Wood E14
WRAIGHTLeonard80Aug 28, 1923Also his ? B18
??    B18
WRAIGHTWilliam66Nov 21, 19?Also his wife B19
WRAIGHTSarah Ann66Feb 6, 1932  B19
WRAIGHTMinnie Mary79Aug 11, 1964My mother and father E15
WRAIGHTWalter81Oct 17, 1966  E15